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Woodland Dry Gin

 ABV Country of origin



Imagine yourself in the middle of the forest. Everything is beautifully green, the scents of the forest fill your nose and you feel the sun warming you through the treetops. This is roughly how you must imagine the experience with Woodland Gin.

Woodland is an original dry gin from the primeval forest in Germany's Sauerland region. Four pioneers from the region with different backgrounds have chosen to use only local components to make their gin. The home of these botanicals is unique. So is the taste of this Sauerland distillate.


The blend of classic and local botanicals provides the exceptional taste of this unique distillate. Spruce tips, wood ears and dandelion provide a subtle, woodsy aroma. A gentle top note of fresh nettle, hand-picked sorrel and citrus aromas round out the crisp body notes. The result is a fresh but defined dry gin, distilled with pure, soft Sauerland spring water.


The classic G&T with the Woodland Dry Gin becomes perfect, also apple and mint go well with it as a garnish.