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Volcan De Mi Tierra Anejo Cristallino Tequila

 ABV Country of origin




Volcan de Mi Tierra Anejo Cristalino is a multi-award winning tequila that explores the splendid aroma of blue agaves harvested from an extraordinary terroir, formed on volcanic ash. The fabulous Mexican liqueur combines the flavors of añejo and extra-añejo tequila in its taste, offering a surprisingly clear tasting for how intense and robust its aromatic nuances are. The time spent in whiskey and cognac barrels adds chocolate, vanilla and caramel accents to the drink, so Volcan de Mi Tierra Anejo Cristalino becomes even more complex in tasting. 


Ample aromas of dried fruit, tobacco, chocolate, caramel and vanilla, wrapped in generous accents of agave.


Discover its unmistakable aromas and a finish that perfectly crowns the tasting, enjoying it dry or cold, with ice.