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Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum 70cl

Santa Teresa 1796 is a bold and elegant rum created to commemorate the bicentennial of the Hacienda Santa Teresa and the mastery of rum-making. The blend is made of different types of rums aged at least 4 years in bourbon oak barrels that, once mixed, finishes its maturation through the artisanal Solera method, resulting in a smooth, dry and balanced rum, that evolves in every sip.

Santa Teresa 1796 Rum, with its rich, amber reddish colour, delivers a fruity aroma, with notes of honey and dark chocolate. Taste its mellow yet complex flavour. This rum offers tobacco and leather notes, toasted and smoky, and a well-rounded balance that can only be achieved through the Solera rum-making method. Santa Teresa® 1796 Rum is full-bodied while remaining delicate, elegant and velvety. The finish evokes attributes borrowed from the oaks in which it aged.

Santa Teresa 1796 Rum is best served neat or with a few cubes of ice, in a rocks glass. Tilt and turn the glass to release the flavours, then sip and savour. This fine Solera Rum can also be served in a range of exciting cocktails such as the Sparkling Cocktail, Old Fashioned, Negroni or Manhattan