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Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal

 ABV Country of origin




Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal is aged in oak barrels browned on the inside, from which it borrows the rich and complex aromas that complete the sophisticated character of the drink. The assortment was created to honor an important event in the history of the brand. In 1738, just 14 years after Rémy Martin began producing cognac, King Louis XV, impressed by the quality of the drink, allowed the vines to be planted on new land by a royal treaty. In 1997, Georges Clot decided to create an assortment in honor of this event and thus this special brandy was born, which is addressed especially to connoisseurs.


Rich notes of plums and figs, complemented by caramel aromas and woody accents. Exceptionally balanced, with a creamy final taste and a pleasant concentration of hazelnuts, offered by a careful mixture of eaux-de-vie, matured in French oak barrels, slightly burnt.