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NIkka Coffey Vodka

 ABV Country of origin



With decades of experience in distilling white spirits, but especially whiskey, Nikka Whisky offers a Japanese vodka created by blending a corn distillate and a barley malt distillate. Each spirit is distilled separately and then blended with the expertise Chief Blender. Nikka Coffey Vodka, with its spicy notes, rich sweetness and milky mouthfeel, perfectly captures the purest expression of the Miyagikyo Distillery's "Coffey Stills." The final blend is perfected with minimal filtration using white birch charcoal to ensure precise balance and smooth texture.


The incredible aromatic palette ranges from citrus and herbal notes to spicy notes of cinnamon and cardamom to gourmet flavors of coconut milk, almonds and dates. The creamy texture lingers in the mouth, leaving notes of freshly cut grass and ripe pear.


Serve over ice with a lemon wedge and pair with grilled shrimp.