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Michter's Number 1 Straight Rye

 ABV Country of origin



Product of one barrel of exceptionally produced rye whiskey that utilises only the finest ingredients and traditional techniques.  Each barrel of rye is selected by Michter’s Master of Maturation when it reaches maturity, usually between five and eight years.  This rye whiskey is an old “Kentucky style” of rye that utilises a higher percentage of corn in the mash bill.  This gives the whiskey citrus notes and a buttery texture and helps to balance the more spicy and peppery flavours that rye is known for. This rye has notes of black pepper, mint and eucalyptus and is rounded off with fresh orange peel, butterscotch and sweet toffee.


Black pepper, menthol, eucalyptus and spice. Added depth and richness from the production process giving notes of orange peel, roasted nuts and butterscotch as well.


Michter’s can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks to show the complex flavour and finesse of the Rye. It’s also ideal in cocktails from the Manhattan to the Whiskey Sour.