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Mezcal Amores Espadin

 ABV Country of origin



The mezcal from Oaxaca - a centuries-old tradition from Mexico. A unique spirit of overwhelming natural complexity. Mezcal Amores Espadín is made from sweet Espandin agaves from some far-flung Mexican villages, working with a carefully selected group of mezcaleros who bring years of ancestral expertise to create this unique elixir. It invites you into a world of gentleness, with perfectly balanced notes and a 100% natural fermentation. 

Each batch of Mezcal Amores is subtly different, reflecting the essence and character of the village where the expression is created, as well as the individuality and experience of the maestro mezcalero. 


It is the flag bearer of Amores mezcal „From Seed to Sip”, that invites you into a world of gentleness, with a perfectly balanced profile. Subtle citrus aroma of bergamot and light but a sweet hint of cherry blossom. Smooth body with brilliant platinum notes, slightly smoked and citrus flavors, with lingering notes of damp earth and wildflowers.


The best way to enjoy Mezcal Amores is to sip it neat, not shoot it, and savor its earthiness and smoke, or use it in cocktails such as Pineapple Mezcal Sour.