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Jack Daniel's Old No.7

 ABV Country of origin




Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 is that tennessee sour mash whiskey that has traveled the world so many times that it has become legendary. According to the original recipe, the whiskey is filtered drop by drop through a huge amount of maple charcoal and aged in hand-made barrels, which gives the drink a distinct flavor. The distillery tasters decide when the maturation process ends, based on instinct, just as Jack Daniel himself used to do. The expressiveness of the taste, the complexity of the flavors and the quality of this bourbon have easily conquered all corners of the world, turning the assortment into a legendary product.


Seductive notes of caramel, brown sugar, freshly crushed walnuts and raisins, topped with dry spices and resins. Sweet and velvety aromas of chocolate, nuts and oranges, wrapped in sophisticated notes of cinnamon and wood tones.