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Hennessy XO

 ABV Country of origin




First created in 1870 for the personal use of Maurice Hennessy, Hennessy XO is the first XO brandy in history. The strong and intriguing character of this brandy has the power to seduce any connoisseur who appreciates modernity and the unique blend of flavors found in an Extra Old range. The intense color reveals the strength of the blend, and the aftertaste refers to the complexity of this blend and the long aging process to which it is subjected. The composition of the cognac includes 100 eaux-de-vie aged for at least 12 years to give this elegant blend a special identity.


A unique blend made from of fresh fruit and woody notes The aromas of leather, oak and black pepper provide a rare and attractive complexity, softened by vanilla and cardamom for an endless taste experience.


The distinctive character of this exceptional cognac is best enjoyed with ice, or with a splah of mineral water to allow the rich aromas to open in the glass.