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Hendrick's Gin

 ABV Country of origin




Hendrick's Gin is a special gin that contains flavors of roses and cucumbers that are masterfully infused before bottling at a distillery in Scotland. The assortment is aimed at those who are brave enough to venture into the unknown and dare to taste sophisticated liquors. The plants that make up the gin have been carefully selected to compose a subliminal symphony of the senses that vibrates with each tasting. Each plant has its mystery and magic.


Hendrick's Dry Gin is for those who dare to enjoy sophisticated drinks. The assortment includes aromatic plants of the highest quality, usually used in the preparation of gin, but also less common ingredients such as Bulgarian rose petals and cucumbers. The taste that stands out is full, complex and round.


Hendrick's Gin is a unique drink that deserves to be enjoyed dry or in classic cocktails. Pairs well with tonic water, ice and a slice of cucumber, sparkling water and shock flowers, or in a cocktail like Rosie Lee, Hendrick's Breakfast Martini.