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Glenmorangie 10YO Original

 ABV Country of origin



First launched more than 175 years ago, Glenmorangie Original is, a unique ten-year-old malt, known for its soft tones and delicate aroma. Distilled in the highest stills in Scotland and aged in American white oak barrels on the first or second filling, the drink develops a unique aromatic balance and acquires complexity, becoming a delicate, refined and elegant single malt. Glenmorage 10 years is addressed to those who prefer sweet assortments, with a classic personality.


Elegant, floral and the real backbone of the Glenmorangie range. The 10 Year Old single malt is a mature spirit that is soft, mellow and creamy. A nuanced bouquet that combines notes of vanilla, oak, spices and a unique blend of floral and fruity aromas.