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Glenmorangie Nectar D'or Sauternes

 ABV Country of origin




The splendid aromatic palette of this whiskey bearing the Glenmorangie signature is largely due to the secondary aging in wine barrels, hand-selected from the Sauternes region, France, an area famous for its specific varieties of sweet wine. Initially, the single malt is aged in bourbon barrels, after which it is transferred to Sauterners wine barrels, where it remains until it reaches the perfection of taste. From here, the whiskey borrows rich notes of fruits and spices, which complete a taste similar to that of a French dessert and thus outline a sophisticated character, full of refinement.


Notes of lime and orange peel, raisins, coconut and pastry crust, wrapped in captivating honey and nutmeg accents. A harmonious aromatic palette, dominated by notes of ginger, browned almonds, honeycomb and hints of nutmeg.