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Glenfiddich 26 Year Old Grande Couronne

 ABV Country of origin




A jewel with thousands of facets, brilliant in nuance, taste and appearance, Glenfiddich Grande Couronne 26 years represents a crowning of the complexity, tradition and uniqueness that characterizes the style of the Scottish distillery whose doors first opened in 1886. Time for twenty-six years, this whiskey is slowly refined in American and European oak casks, in a specially designed place of the distillery, where it also undergoes an additional two years of aging in rare French cognac casks, all because at finally to captivate with a glorious tasting, marked by an opulent, absolutely fabulous sweetness. The duration of the final aging is unusually long, but this is precisely where the magic is created, translated through an unparalleled aromaticity. Part of The Grand Series collection.


The palate shows classic Glenfiddich orchard fruits, with the Cognac influence adding sultanas, honey, orange peel and roasted almonds.