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Glenfiddich 21 Old Gran Reserva

 ABV Country of origin




The range is carefully aged for 21 years to become a rich and complex single malt, specific to the Speyside area. But the drink is not bottled immediately after aging. Malt Master Brian Kinsman hand-picks the best casks, which he subjects to a special final touch. The single malt is transferred to Caribbean rum casks, which lend exotic and vibrant notes to the assortment, transforming it from a special whiskey to a completely and utterly extraordinary whiskey. Only now the assortment is bottled and prepared to hypnotize you with its sublime aromatic bouquet.


Intense notes of vanilla, bananas, figs, pralines and oak wood, complemented by splendid floral accents. The aromas of this unique assortment are gradually revealed, starting with soft notes of exotic fruits and oak wood and continuing with vibrant tones of lime, ginger, spices and a touch of smoke.