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Espolon Blanco

 ABV Country of origin




Espolon tequila is the result of over fifty years of experience, translated by master Cirilo Oropeza's desire to create a tequila like no other using unconventional techniques. Espolon Blanco is the standard assortment of the range and moreover the first tequila produced by the brand, a drink that Cirilo imagined as one truly worthy of being enjoyed drop by drop all over the world. The bottle bathed in Mexican symbols hides a particularly interesting aromatic, a bit surprising for an unaged tequila, in a good way, of course. The drink is distilled only from the best Weber blue agaves, using column stills and pot stills for a balanced marriage of aromas and texture. Espolon Blanco is more than tasty when enjoyed traditionally.


Sweet and delicate nuances of agave, complemented by accents of tropical fruits, flower petals and fine impressions of pepper. Fresh aromas of agave, vanilla, pineapple and spices, leading to a spicy finish.