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This tequila is distinguished by its purity. It is distilled using a clean, environmentally conscious method that uses recycled agave instead of fossil fuels. During production, each 100 per cent blue agave is painstakingly tested for sugar concentration before being heated. This is then distilled with spring water flowing through a volcano. Enemigo's 00 Extra Añejo is then transferred to American oak barrels where it can rest undisturbed for over three years. During this time, the spirit takes on the deep colour and flavour of the wood. The result is a perfectly balanced tequila with a multitude of flavours, only produced in limited quantities, making each sip special.


When poured, Enemigo 00 Extra Añejo tequila is dark amber and sticky, aesthetically reminiscent of young Scotch whisky. On the nose, the spirit is strikingly sweet, with unsurprisingly pronounced aromas of vanilla and charred oak, joined by hints of green apple, honey and nuts. This marginal nuttiness continues on the palate with a subtle spiciness, complemented by further flavours of natural vanillin obtained through the ageing process.


The Extra Añejo is an excellent choice to close off a heavier meal such as steak, and can be enjoyed with a cigar as a digestif with family and friends.