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Cocchi Americano Aperitivo

 ABV Country of origin



Cocchi Americano is a wine-based aperitif produced in Piedmont, Northern Italy, using Moscato grapes and a secret blend of local and international botanicals. The American Cocchi, by its nature, represents the trait d'union between wine and liqueurs being a wine to which a small amount of "bitter" alcohol is added from the infusion of fine herbs and spices: white wine, sugar, infusion of herbs and spices in alcohol, and in particular flowers and leaves of gentian, mugwort, cinchona, bitter orange peel, elderberry and more.


With a light golden color, Giulio Cocchi's Americano Bianco opens on the nose with fruity hints of citrus and spiced chocolate, cinnamon and menthol. In the mouth it is complex, with aromas of raisins, citrus fruits, licorice, rhubarb and cocoa that accompany towards a finish on pleasant notes of smoke and cinchona.


The American represents a aperitif par excellence, ideal to be served with ice, sprinkled with seltzer water and squeezed orange peel. Furthermore, it finds space in the mixing of well-known cocktails such as the Vesper Martini, made famous by the legendary character of James Bond.