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Citadelle French Gin

 ABV Country of origin




At Château de Bonbonnet, the essence of French summers takes the form of an urban, botanical gin, which brings together no less than 19 plants in its composition. The charm of this French artisanal gin has been floating in the air since 1995, a time when artisanal gins did not yet have a well-established market. Citadelle Original is distilled in small stills, over an open flame, to develop a round, supple and gourmand character, infused with delicate aromas of flowers, citrus, juniper, anise or cinnamon. The special balance between the aromatic intensity and the finesse of the taste has brought the gin more than sixty medals, an additional reason to explore its qualities as soon as possible in a cold, fresh and effervescent Gin & Tonic.