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Chivas 18 holds an incredible 85 unique flavour notes in every drop. Uniquely rich and complex, this 18-year-old blended Scotch whisky has won both awards and hearts of whisky-lovers across the world. Because success is a blend, in life and in Scotch.

Created in 1997, this is a firm favourite among many whisky aficionados; its complex and wide-ranging flavour profile has made it an iconic whisky blend, featuring no less than 85 flavour notes. Remarkable flavours of sweet butterscotch, dark chocolate, zesty orange and much more are ready for you to discover with every sip of Chivas 18.

Drinking Chivas 18 neat or on the rocks allows deep exploration of the 85 flavour notes within this blended Scotch whisky or try it in a cocktail classic such as the traditional Old Fashioned.