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Canaima Small Batch Gin

 ABV Country of origin




A drink that carries with it an untouched mystery. A gin born in the unknown depths of the Amazon,  crafted with rare local botanics and raised with its surrounding myths. Inspired by the landscape and the magic of the Amazon, Canaïma Gin is an exotic blend of 10 botanicals carefully selected from the Amazon in collaboration with local native tribes. Its mystical and ancestral character stems from the knowledge of local fruits and herbs passed down from generation to generation.


On the nose, it has an intense fruity and floral aroma that combines the exuberant and humid vegetation of the Amazon jungle. Herbal notes mingle with aromas of passion fruit, grapefruit and a hint of black pepper. The palate reveals a nice balance of herbaceous citrus notes with sweet tropical flavours, resulting in an overall fresh and bright gin.


Perfect in a refreshing highball, with pink grapefruit soda and a squeezed lime wedge.