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Cambridge Truffle Gin

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Truffle Gin from the Cambridge distillery is made in very small batches of just a litre at a time. he key botanical ingredient is white truffle from Piedmont, which is worth more than gold per gramme. Innovatively distilled to preserve the full flavour of the truffle. Each exquisite botanical is distilled individually to preserve the purity of its essence and tailored into a bold, surprising gin where traditional juniper harmonises perfectly with rich, earthy notes reminiscent of fresh pine trees.


The aroma is herbaceous and vibrant with notes of za'atar, menthol, citrus peel and a meadow after a fresh rain. On the plate, juniper and resin hit the tongue first, followed by black pepper and a distant floral note. The finish is very long for a gin with a melange of lingering herbs


With its extremely long finish, Truffle Gin can be enjoyed neat or over ice and, and for cocktail lovers, as part of a decadent Truffle Negroni.