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Aviation Gin

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Inspired by the idea of ​​a unique combination that brings together the expertise of distillation and the passion for exceptional cocktails, Aviation American Gin offers the experience of a sensory journey at height, where juniper base, citrus, and floral notes invite us to enjoy experiences as they come, be they classic or surprising. The first step in creating the horizon line is to infuse a blend of cardamom, coriander, lavender, anise, juniper, orange peel and sarsaparilla in pure grain alcohol for 18 hours, followed by long-column still distillation. To gain harmony and freshness, but also to achieve the optimal alcoholic concentration, pure water is added and the gin is then bottled and ready to set off to the farthest destinations. 

The result is complex and every day conquers both gin lovers and cocktail lovers from around the world with its complex flavors.


Fine notes of juniper, lavender, roots and spices, marked by a special freshness.