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Amazzoni Dry Gin

 ABV Country of origin



The first craft gin of Brazil. This London dry gin is distilled from pure cereal alcohol and natural spring water. With 5 botanicals exclusively from Brazil and the Amazonian rainforest and 5 more classic gin botanicals. It is the most widely distributed craft gin in Brazil.



A classic yet complex gin, this spirit
blends old and new world botanicals,
some of which have never before been
distilled. On the nose, the fresh fragrance
of juniper blends with an intriguing hint
of spice. At first sip, herbaceous flavours
bloom on a base of juniper, with an
intoxicating nuttiness lingering on the
mid-palate. A brilliant burst of citrus and
oral flavours make for an elegant finish,
which leaves you longing for a second sip.