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Altos Plata 70CL

Olmeca Altos 100% blue agave tequila was born from a unique collaboration between Olmeca’s own master distiller Jesus Hernandez and the internationally renowned uk bartenders Henry Besant and Dre Masso. 

Showing astonishing character and unprecedented smoothness. Olmeca Altos is exclusively produced in the Los Altos Region, in the Highlands of Central Mexico, 2104 meters above sea-level in the western state of Jalisco in Mexico.

Created in part using the 500-year-old traditional tahona method before being distilled in small copper pot stills, this ultra-smooth tequila boasts unusual citric flavours and an elegant long finish.

Enjoy with a group of friends and discover the colours of tequila!



Olmeca Altos Plata can be enjoyed neat or in a delicious Tommy's Margarita - simply mix Altos Plata 50ml, Lime Juice 25ml, Agave syrup 12.5ml, shake all ingredients and strain into rocks glass over cubed ice.