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About Drink With Sasha

A place to discover and buy the most interesting wines and spirits the world has to offer as curated by Sasha; master mixologist and charming swashbuckling adventurer  🍸

As a company mantra, we follow Sir Winston Churchil’s maxim that ‘good taste is easily satisfied with the best’ and as such scour the globe for the very finest drinks to offer you every day.

Sourced from the best producers on the planet from the very finest ingredients, our curated selections are available with standard next day delivery across the UK.

We love our Earth and are a dedicated green-led company; for every bottle purchased we will plant a tree in your honour (and a tiny forest for those who subscribe). Our delivery boxes are environmentally friendly (100% recyclable cardboard) and delivery is carbon free wherever possible because delivering amazing drinks should not come at the expense of the planet.