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A Letter From Sasha

Decades ago I set out into the world with a suitcase and a dream - driven by a fascination for the very finest things in life and compelled to live them to their fullest. This journey led me to some weird and wonderful corners of the planet; from palaces in Rajasthan and hill tops in Nepal to smokey club back rooms in Chicago and pristine polo fields in Argentina.

Everywhere I went, I sought out the company of locals, indulging my senses in their rich culture - and perhaps most importantly - learning their drinking customs. I found that it is an inevitable human truth that every culture and civilization, no matter how remote, enjoys a good drink (although some more than others!). Whether it is to toast a champion, cheers to good health or simply celebrate the beauty of life - we all share that common bond to congregate over a finely made wine or spirit.

Documenting these traditions and drinks in my diary became my obsession and the basis of what was to become a long and storied life revolved around the very love of fine drinks from around the world. Drink With Sasha is a distillation (if you pardon the pun) of that knowledge, a portal by which others can peer into this incredible human tapestry told through the drinks we love and the moments we share around them.

With an emphasis on the creators, origins, story-telling and authentic principles that make each brand and bottle special; Drink With Sasha provides a curated and easily accessible way for you to live out these stories and bring them home, ready for you to pave their next chapter.

I hope you enjoy going on this journey as much as I have and that it encourages you to take a deeper look at the fine drinks that shape our world.

Cordially yours,