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Beluga Noble Russian Vodka is the opus of the Mariinsk Distillery masters, who have been producing the award-winning spirit since 2002. Boasting a uniquely smooth composition of malt spirit and the purest water from Siberia’s artesian wells, this is truly a spirit to be savoured.

Beluga Gold Line

A vodka for the true connoisseurs, Beluga Gold Line is a limited edition product and for good reason. Featuring not only the trademark blend of artesian water and malt spirit that makes all Beluga spirits world-renowned, Beluga Gold Line has been put through an impressive five rounds of double quartz filtration and 90 day resting period - resulting in increased smoothness and a decadent velvety flavour profile that will delight even the most sophisticated palate.

Enjoy a creamy texture and flavour and delicate notes of grain, wheat and mountain herbs, with every sip.

Each bottle comes inscribed with its own serial number and wax-sealed cork. Use the elegant hammer and brush to crack open this impeccable bottle and enjoy a toast your good fortune.