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International Women's Day

Raise a glass of Champagne Dom Perignon Rose

For more than a century, March 8 has been celebrated as International Women's Day in countries around the world. While its purpose varies from place to place, one thing is certain: the holiday is more than a simple hashtag. It is, in fact, a declaration of independence, a testament to women's strength and participation in all aspects of society. And what better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than with a glass of champagne and a look at the resilient women, past and present, who created champagne as we know and love it today? The 17th century Benedictine monk Dom Perignon may get the credit for developing the methode champenoise, but when it comes to creating the iconic sparkling wines that fill our flutes, we owe the lion's share of our thanks to the ladies. Since the early 19th century, it has been women who have led some of the most famous Champagne houses in history, developing the characteristics we now consider cornerstones. From the iconic bottle shape to the clarity of the vintage, from the crisp-brut flavor profile to the marketing of champagne as a wine of luxury, it was the so-called "merry widows" of champagne who turned bottles of bubbly into a world-famous celebratory sip.

No one knows exactly who invented the cocktail, but as the story goes, a bartender named Danny Herrera first made the drink for actress Marjorie King, who was allergic to all spirits except tequila. Herrera combined different flavours, until he finally found one to satisfy Marjorie. And just like that, the most famous cocktail in the world was born: the Margarita.


Did you know that the French word for widow is „veuve”? You may have seen this word on a champagne label— and you may have wondered why. Widowhood allowed these women to assume roles unheard of for the time. Freed from their status as “property” of their now-deceased husbands, these women fought their way to unprecedented power. They were the first female CEOs of France. From the style of the bottles, to taste, color, production and marketing, their contributions shaped the modern Champagne industry.


"Flowers are now obsolete and commonplace: if you want to give a woman a beautiful gift, champagne is always the right answer. And if great champagne is the vinous equivalent of a white diamond, then rosé Champagne is a pink diamond. In honor of International Women’s Day, we raise a glass of DOM PÉRIGNON ROSÉ  champagne as we celebrate the mothers, sisters, mentors, lovers and friends we hold dear. From superheroines to queens to all the amazing people in between, women inspire us every day to overcome the odds and achieve the impossible. Whatever you do, however you identify, whatever your size, shape or creed, keep doing what you do – you’re absolutely amazing!"

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