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Storywood Speyside 7 Reposado Tequila

 ABV Country of origin




Born in Mexico, shaped by Scotland, Storywood is the only range of tequilas in the world that are fully matured in single malt whisky and Oloroso sherry barrels. Storywood tequila begins with 10 year-old mature 100% blue weber agave, harvested from the lowland region of Jalisco and married with the natural spring water from Volcan de Tequila that flows down from the mountains. This liquid, much like a new make spirit, is then locked away in the finest of oak casks which have travelled 3 continents.


Caramel, subtly oaky with hints of vanilla and honey on an earthy, lowland agave base, it’s the best of both worlds. The finish fairly long and complex with a lovely earthy, vegetal note.