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Procera Blue Dot Gin

 ABV Country of origin



This gin is about Africa. Procera is a proudly African craft gin made with the finest botanicals from all corners of the continent. Made in Nairobi, Kenya, at 1638 metres above sea level, the DNA consists  of Juniperus Procera grown in the highland forests of Kijabe, with Pixie Lime and Swahili Orange and other botanicals selected for their distinctiveness of their quality- cardamom and mace from Zanzibar; pink peppercorns from Madagascar, Moroccan coriander and orris root, musky selim pepper from Sierra Leone and finally Somali acacia honey.

Each bottle of Procera is traditionally mouth-blown from recycled glass and has a unique character, using a single piece of palm wood for the enclosure. A truly unique gin.


Blue Dot features exceptional depth of flavour, a long finish and great complexity on the palate, and is rich with intense juniper, subtle earthy undertones and bright spicy top notes.


Would work wonders in a martini and beyond. Sky's the limit.