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Glenmorangie Whisky 18YO Single Malt

 ABV Country of origin



Glenmorangie 18 year old is a completely unique single malt with that stands out from the rest. After maturing for fifteen years in American white oak barrels, about 30% of the content is transferred to Oloroso barrels in Spain to spend another three years in maturity. After maturing for fifteen years in American white oak casks, about 30% of the contents are transferred to oloroso casks in Spain to age for another three years. When the drink reaches the threshold of 18 years of ageing in both types of casks, it is blended to obtain a single malt with a refined bouquet and a complete, rounded aroma.


A balanced bouquet that harmoniously combines notes of honey, malt and flowers with delicate accents of dates, figs and woody influences. Mellow layers of melting honey, vanilla and rich hazelnut flavours. Despite the long aging period to which the assortment is subjected, it still retains a vibrant and fresh character.