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El Jimador Reposado

 ABV Country of origin




To get a tasty Reposado, you have to start the journey with a tasty Blanco, which is why El Jimador uses for his tequila only the freshest Weber blue agave, hand-picked from Jalisco. The agaves ferment naturally and are double-distilled, then left to mature for two months in American oak barrels, made by hand. The passage of time beautifully grinds the character of the drink, which acquires a slightly golden hue and develops intense aromas. 


An enticing scent, which brings together caramels with butter, browned agave and spices, anticipating a vanilla taste, which discreetly weaves aromas of wood, caramel, cinnamon and agave. The finish is sweet, fruity and describes agave breezes.