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Cocchi Americano Rosa

Throughout its history, Giulio Cocchi has used the profile of the aperitif wine Americano to highlight the fine aromatic grapes of Piemonte. Cocchi Rosa's name reminds us that it’s produced with red wines, from which it derives its colour and notes of wild rose. Refined with natural floral and spice extracts, especially gentian, cinchona and citrus as in Americano Bianco but with the addition of saffron, vanilla and rose petals. Its beautiful red colour is completely natural and derives from the wine.


Strawberries, roses and vanilla hints on the nose, with grapefruit zest and the delicate spice of ginger and the bittersweet taste of gentian on the palate. The natural Cocchi Rosa is truly the summer in the glass.


The simplest Cocchi Rosa cocktails are often the best—just add club soda or sparkling wine. A slice of lemon or grapefruit lifts everything up and stimulates the nose and brain.