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Cambridge Dry Gin

 ABV Country of origin




A magnificent gem of a gin from Cambridge Distillery, made with Macedonian juniper and a selection of botanicals that capture the essence of all four seasons. To create the perfect gin, Cambridge Distillery starts with an extensive knowledge of the ingredients, using only the freshest botanicals that are in season. Each ingredient is distilled individually to achieve the perfect taste. Temperature, timing and pressure are just three of the nine variables the distillery adjusts to each plant. The result is a tribute to heritage and the aromatic, sensory joy of an English meadow at the height of summer.


The aroma is floral and bright with a citrus note that refreshes. The flavor profile is dry and balanced with a lightly creamy mouth-feel and a strong leaning toward the florals, plus a hint of herbaceous bouquet. The finish is clean and brisk with an almost cleansing after-appeal.


Best served with Indian tonic water and garnished with fresh mint.