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Amazzoni Gin Rio Negro

 ABV Country of origin





The second addition to the Amázzoni Family is the Super Premium London Dry Rio Negro. It is distilled from pure cereal alcohol and natural spring water and includes 8 botanicals from Brazil and the Amazonian Rainforest.



Amázzoni Rio Negro is the super classic blend
of Amázzoni. Bringing back flavours and aromas
from the gins produced in the 19th century. In
the nose, the first sensation is the whole
tradition of classic gins with predominant
juniper, which is also noticeable in its first sip.
As a tribute to this magical botanic, Rio Negro
has 6x more juniper than the traditional
Amázzoni. Throughout the mid palate, you can
feel the power of the 51% abv with a surprising
elegance, without being aggressive to the mouth
and throat due to the oiliness of the Brazilian
nut, preserving the herbal and spicy character of
the brand. In the end you can feel all the
persistence and personality of a gin made for
those who like gin as it is.



With a lot of ice in a tall glass, pour in the Amázzoni Rio Negro, 10ml Bitters, tangerine and lemon juice and stir. Top with tonic water and stir again. Finish off with tangerine peel nd a sprig of rosemary to garnish and scent.