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Amazzoni Gin Manuiara

 ABV Country of origin




The newest addition to the Amázzoni Family is the Old Tom style blend of Amázzoni. It is distilled from pure cereal alcohol and natural spring water and much delicate and fresh than previous recipes and includes a new botanical to its recipe: lemongrass.



Amázzoni Maniuara is the Old Tom style blend
of Amázzoni. Following the complex and classic
prole of Amázzoni gin, Maniuara takes a step
further and makes a twist in its recipe, with a
lemon note evident both at nose – for its
lemongrass and citrus aroma – and to the eyes,
being lightly gold-dyed. At nose then follows a
dusty earthiness underneath the whole prole,
while at first sip, a soft and gentle oral flavour
blossoms over the palate, sitting on Amázzoni
traditional juniper core. Much delicate and
fresh than previous recipes and with its 38% ABV
the lightest gin on Brazilian market - Maniuara
then leaves with a nice peppery, sweet citrus
finish, not so far from what its name recalls: the
Maniuara ant, a spicy, zesty deli endemic in our
house, the rainforest, and typical in Amazonian
heritage cuisine.



Fill a glass with ice, pour in Amázzoni Manuiara and the tonic, stir carefully. Round off with lemon peel and lemongrass leaf.