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Old Fashioned..

but Never Out of Style

The first definition, of which there are records, of what a "cocktail" is describes it as "a mixture of water, sugar, aromatics and distillates", this definition dates back to the early eighteenth century, before the appearance of the automobile and even public lighting. Cocktails soon evolved and their list of ingredients grew, admitting mixes of spirits, fruit juices, soda and other ingredients.

The Old Fashioned is a cocktail that dates back to the beginning of the cocktail era has been passed down to us for one simple reason: It's delicious! The beauty of the Old Fashioned lies in its simplicity. The classic cocktail is an elegant blend of three essential elements: spirit, sweetener and bitters. While you can play around with flavoured bitters or an unexpected sweetener (such as maple syrup), it’s the spirit as the center of the recipe that’s going to make or break any new twist on the iconic cocktail. In our recipe below, we share how to make a basic Old Fashioned as well as our favorite ways to change it up.

  how to make an old fashioned cocktail?


Despite what its name may imply, we'd be surprised if this cocktail goes out of style. You cannot get more classic than a classic Old Fashioned.

- 60ml Egan’s Vintage Grain
- 7.5ml Sugar Syrup 2
- Dashes Angostura Bitters
- Orange Wheel

Stir & Strain over ice filled rocks glass.

Old Fashioned Twist

Let yourself be surprised by the exquisite flavor of the Old Fashioned using Reserva Exclusiva. One could even believe that the bases of the Old Fashioned were thought with this rum in mind. 

- 50 ml of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
- 5 ml of sugar syrup
- 3 drops of Angostura bitters
- Ice cubes

Add everything to a mixing glass, add ice, stir and serve in the glass with a strainer. Garnish with orange peel.


"Dark and boozy, a little sweet and a little bitter—is there another whiskey drink more satisfying than the Old Fashioned? The drink defies its stuck-in-time title, and while it certainly went through some less-than-ideal incarnations over the years, who hasn’t? Luckily, the Old Fashioned is one cocktail that has never gone out of style…. But that’s just my opinion so you could call me old fashioned, but that’s a whiskey proposition. Cheers!"

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